Book altering is one of my favorite art forms. Today I found one of my first attempts at book altering, a self-reflective informational that was meant to double as a sketch book.
  1. Parts of a book: cover, front flap, back flap, spine, and signature
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    Signature - a large piece of paper that contains several printed pages of the book that is folded to create a section of the book.
  2. Altered book art is very similar to "ready made art" but involves modification.
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  3. The book I used was called "Taro and the Bamboo Shoot."
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    This was a Japanese children's story about a boy who encounters some weird things as his family prepared for a big feast during harvest.
  4. In the altered pages, I included several suggestions for things to do with the books.
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    Including banging your head on them, "rippy bits," chilling with the book, and fanning yourself.
  5. "Reading the book" was notably missing.
    I have dyslexia, so reading has never been much fun for me. For this reason, I used to hate books. Altered book art was my way of getting back at the suffering the books put me through. I don't see it that way anymore, though. Rather, altering is an alternative use of books.
  6. Selectively blocking out words to create new meaning is my favorite part of book altering...
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    though this doesn't make much sense. But I tried.
  7. This particular project contained parts from many other books whose names I can't remember.
  8. Here's a pocket on one of the pages of the book made out of the cover of another book, with a mini book tucked inside made from some magazine pages.
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  9. I was a big fan of whiting out pages and sewing elements from different pages together.
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    This book was meant to be used as a sketchbook, so most of the pages are whited out with just a select few of the illustrations and words remaining.
  10. Some slight collage work across a few pages. I call them "windows."
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  11. I found this in the back of the book.
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    I can't remember who Ms. Paulus was, but thanks.