because sheets clean from cat hair are so great
  1. I like to start with the top corner of the fitted sheet
  2. then do the opposite bottom corner
  3. at this point you'll need to remove your cat from the sheet
  4. next, I go back to the top corner
  5. remove your cat again here
  6. lastly, the remaining corner
  7. make sure you didn't seal your cat in under the sheet
  8. now the regular sheet!
  9. throw this up in the air like on tv commercials for Macy's bedding sales and watch your cat try to catch it
  10. straighten it out while your cat rolls all over it and gets her hair everywhere
  11. try to tuck in the bottom
  12. your cat is probably underneath. it's best to just leave it untucked
  13. throw on the rest of whatever bedding you have - blanket, quilt, comforter, etc
  14. realize that your cat consumes your life and there's no way you can ever have nice things
  15. cuddle with your cat in your cozy clean bed 😸