ignoring other requests to tell this amazing story because it's easy and I am lazy. and also this is probably the funniest part of my life.
  1. to preface: in college we had a few local cab drivers who stuck to the college crowd. they would pile as many drunk kids as possible into their large van cabs
    think John and Kate plus 8 mobile with 40 19 year olds inside
  2. my first experience with one of these cabs
    the guy went by cabbie d. and his number is still in my contacts.
  3. a girl sat on my lap and I thought I might pass out. then someone sat on her lap.
    $5 round trip was worth it though
  4. there was a dashboard TV where kids would play videos from cabbies iPod
  5. fast forward to my sophomore year
  6. one night we call up cabbie and he says he'll be outside the dorms in a few
  7. the guy rolls up in a SCHOOL BUS
  8. inside he has huge speakers, a tv screen, and some bouncers
  9. so this became the transportation of most of the school
  10. eventually he turned the seats to all face the middle like a limo and installed some stripper poles
  11. my bff and I never had cash or wanted to pay
    we were awful
  12. so we would sometimes say we'd pay later or sometimes bake him brownies
    just regular but he would ask if they were "magic"
  13. sometimes my friend would get drunk enough to drive the bus
  14. as soon as I entered the bus I immediately removed whoever decided they would be DJ from the aux cord and began to play what I wanted
  15. I would sit backwards on the dash while cabbie drove us to the bar and rap with him
  16. Hypnotize was the song I rapped when cabbie told me I had forever control of the music and was allowed to kick anyone off
    not that that stopped me before...
  17. we would rap a lot of biggie - but also some early lil Wayne
  18. soulja boy was popular then
  19. No Hands - Waka Flocka was a big one
  20. some early Drake was probably played
  21. I wish I remembered more of it
  22. cabbie came to our graduation and my friends dad paid him for all our unpaid rides
    thanks mr. a!!