1. just now: went to the gym and attempted to work out
    successfully (read: barely) completed an ab blast class. 15 mins. attempted to start a barre cardio class. 10 mins in and the room was spinning and I thought I might throw up. sat down and saw some stars. decided working out isn't for me.
  2. gave blood at work
    thought I had overcome my needle phobia and blood phobia. gave the blood fine. the lady flipped the chair up so fast I saw stars and didn't even want to eat the cookies (very strange for me). threw up after the nurses moved me to a cot and packed me with ice. the nurse put the barf bag (a giant red biohazard bag) over my head. unpleasant to say the least.
  3. at a parade
    my sister was trying to stand on something to see. I was helping her balance. it was about 90 degrees and I had jeans on and only ate a bowl of cereal all day. I started seeing stars and some friendly strangers gave me a bottle of water, which I chugged and then ran into an alley to vomit everywhere.
  4. heat is not my friend
  5. working out is not for me
  6. it's possible I am one of the 0.2% of people who throw up after giving blood
  7. the good news is it's helpful to eat chocolate or something sugary after I calm down 🍫