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Everyone loves going to a game but some things make this fun experience irritating.
  1. Playing classic rock music
    Enough Journey! Enough Boston! Enough Bon Jovi! We've heard these songs thousands of times and we're good for their rest of our life on all of them. This is not a great way to bring a younger audience to your game....baseball.
  2. Volume
    I'm trying to pay attention to the game, I don't need loud noises constantly blaring around me. These sound bites make watching an NBA game "on TV" a brutal experience. Fans also don't need to be told when to "GET LOUD!"
  3. The Wave
    Please put this ridiculous exercise to death. It's unnecessary and I just missed the 3-2 pitch because my section stood up in unison in front of me.
  4. Amount of theme days
    When I go to a game I don't want to walk in next to a guy in Chewbacca costume for "Star Wars" day. The game is the reason I'm here, not Christmas in July.
These men ran for President or who would have been in line for a shot at the office. Their ideas were ahead of their time and many times against the status quo.
  1. William Jennings Bryan (1896)
    Bryan ran as a populist which was a new political movement gaining a lot of excitement especially by struggling farmers. Bryan sided with the "little guy," he wanted to help struggling farmers and punish big business such as a corrupt railroad tycoons.America was in the Gilded Age and the disparity between the richest Americans and everyone else was enormous. The establishment won the election with William McKinley who would keep the status quo and began American imperialism by war with Spain.
  2. Eugene V. Debs (1920)
    The famous socialist labor leader was vocal in his opposition to the ills of capitalism. Debs led many labor protests including ones involving the IWW and his own American Railway Union. Debs actually accrued millions of followers and was campaigning from prison for his protest activity. In an age where the average worker was treated lesser than rich business leaders, Debs would have radically changed the life of so many Americans.
  3. Henry Wallace (1944-45)
    Wallace was a liberal that was way ahead of his time. Wallace was the Secretary of Agriculture under FDR and the presumptive VP nominee in 1944. Wallace lost the nomination to Harry Truman at a convention that bordered on criminal. Political bosses worked things out to win the nomination for Truman. Wallace was against the Cold War, a ardent supporter of labor unions, and frequently spoke for equality for minorities and women. The early stages of the Cold War would have been vastly different.
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No one was ever photographed looking more cool (especially smoking a cigarette)
  1. The Graduate (1967)
    One of my all-time favorites Dustin Hoffman in an iconic film directed by Mike Nichols.
  2. The Godfather (1972)
    The movie has Brando, Pacino, Coppola, Duval, and Keaton. What else do you want?
  3. Save The Tiger (1973)
    I love Jack Lemon and this is arguably his best work.
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  1. Miles Davis
  2. The Velvet Underground
  3. Iggy & the Stooges
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