Everyone loves going to a game but some things make this fun experience irritating.
  1. Playing classic rock music
    Enough Journey! Enough Boston! Enough Bon Jovi! We've heard these songs thousands of times and we're good for their rest of our life on all of them. This is not a great way to bring a younger audience to your game....baseball.
  2. Volume
    I'm trying to pay attention to the game, I don't need loud noises constantly blaring around me. These sound bites make watching an NBA game "on TV" a brutal experience. Fans also don't need to be told when to "GET LOUD!"
  3. The Wave
    Please put this ridiculous exercise to death. It's unnecessary and I just missed the 3-2 pitch because my section stood up in unison in front of me.
  4. Amount of theme days
    When I go to a game I don't want to walk in next to a guy in Chewbacca costume for "Star Wars" day. The game is the reason I'm here, not Christmas in July.