I recently went on a trip where I realized a lot of people do not have the ability to have these things. They not only survive without them but they are completely content with what they have.
  1. Consistently hot showers
  2. My own room
  3. My own bed
    For two nights I had to share a bed whose width is the length of my arm
  4. More than 2 changes of clothes
  5. Consistent means of transportation
    Because hiking up large mountains was rather difficult for this woefully out of shape girl
  6. A language that I understand
    Which, ok, the people I was working with had, but for that short time period I did not. Trying to get by with the little Spanish I learned two years ago was quite a challenge.
  7. Water that I can drink straight from tap without having to boil it first
  8. Flushable toilets
  9. Not only the ability to go to school after 6th grade, but the requirement to do so.
    The alternative for some girl is to get married and have kids as early as the age of 12