I've been making an lyric-filled alter-book (hopefully I can explain/ show in a future list) and I painted the background of a page into a night sky. Now I'm contemplating what lyrics I'll put on that page. I would like them to be from a twenty-one pilots song. Any ideas?
  1. Here's what the page looks like without words.
    I'm no artist, and I've never claimed to be, but hey, this is for me, not an art exhibit.
  2. Side note: these can go as far back as No Phun Intended. They don't have to stay towards the Blurryface end of the timeline.
  3. "The sun will rise and we will try again" - Truce
  4. "The dark's not taking prisoners tonight" - Ode to Sleep
  5. "Cause tomorrow's gone, just like yesterday" - Just Like Yesterday
  6. "Night falls with gravity the earth turns from sanity" - semi-automatic
  7. "Take this weapon, forged in darkness. Some see a pen, I see a harpoon" -Ode to Sleep
    Suggested by @steph_lessthan3