For those who don't know, 30 hour famine is when you get people to sponsor you to not eat for thirty hours. All the money you raise goes to feed children who can't afford food on a consistent basis.
  1. 7:40 AM
    My final meal for the next 30 hours.
  2. 8:00 AM
    And thus it begins
  3. 11:00 AM
    Ok pretty good, I'm kinda hungry but pretty goo for the most part
  4. 12:15 PM- lunch time
    We have CHICK-FIL-A cater and I can smell the deliciousness of the chicken that I CANNOT PARTAKE!!!! 😞
  5. 2:30 PM
    My friend asks me what he should get to eat for dinner then doesn't understand why I respond with a "seriously??" He forgot about the famine. 🤦‍♀️
  6. 6:00 PM
    Second skipped meal. But I'm at the church that's hosting the event, and we're starting activities so that will take my mind off of it.
  7. 12:00 AM
    I'm losing my ability to focus, not because I'm hungry, but because I'm so tired
  8. 1:00 AM
    Bedtime!! 😴
  9. 7:45 (ish) AM
    Time to get up. But I just can't.
  10. 8:30 AM
    No breakfast. I'm feeling good though we keep doing games that help distract me.
  11. 12:00 PM
    No lunch, well at least not yet. We just played a game where you have to transport rice from one bowl to another with a spoon. But PLOT TWIST we have do this while doing human wheelbarrow. And DOUBLE PLOT TWIST I know know one on my team
  12. 12:15 PM
    Human wheelbarrowing killed my back
  13. 1:58 PM
    We meet in the room to eat
  14. 2:00 PM
    We pray and get in line
  15. 2:10
    My first bite of food in 30 hours- chicken. Side note, I'm kind of picky about my chicken, so this isn't the greatest of celebration meals but hey, I'm hungry I'll eat it will be great