Context: I am not going to college
  1. Because that's what just about everyone does
    People's first question for me is not "what do you want to do;" it's "what college do you want to go to"
  2. Because I could major in psychology
  3. Because life is going to hit me four years earlier than the people in my class
    Disclaimer: I'm not saying that life does hit people in college, but instead of worrying about classes I'm going to be worried about getting a job, making money and saving said money.
  4. Because I could major in psychology
  5. Because it's much easier to find a stable, well paying job, with a college degree in your resume
  6. Because I could major in PSYCHOLOGY!!!
    I took a psychology class at my school and fell in love with it!! It is so wonderful and interesting, I would take that class again in a heartbeat 😍😍