1. Star gazing
    Girlfriend: "The stars are beautiful." Boyfriend: "You're beautiful" Me: "I'm beautiful"
  2. Driving to pick up the girlfriend
    Boyfriend: "We like it when we stop at stop signs. We kiss" Me: "really? That's great! thanks for telling me." 😒
  3. Later that night
    * stop at stop sign* *they kiss* Me: Well okay. Weird. * stop at another stop sign* *they kiss* Me: SERIOUSLY?!?! * stop at stop sign* *they kiss* Me: I'M RIGHT HERE, IN CASE YOU'VE FORGOTTEN!!!
  4. Going on a walk
    *couple holds hands* *I hold my own hand*
  5. When they tell me I'm not a third wheel
    Me: really? Cause there's three of us and you two are a couple. That's the definition of a third wheel
  6. At a holiday, outdoors
    *They hug each other* *I hug the nearest tree*
  7. Leaving church when your carpooling with the GF
    BF walks out with you to the car because they have to say goodbye. When you reach the car, every experienced third wheel knows it is my social obligation to wait in the car for them to say goodbye. I sit in the car and crank up the heat, because I don't have a boyfriend to give me his jacket me right now.