1. That moment when our friend comes up to you before second period and say "are you ready"
  2. That moment you think I can't admit to her that I have no idea what I should be ready for
    because I'm sure I should know and probably should have studied for whatever it is
  3. That moment when you reply with "oh I don't know"
    Acting like you know exactly what she's talking about but you're nervous for it
  4. That moment when she talks about studying last night
  5. That moment when you realize that you have a test next period AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN LOOKED AT YOUR NOTES
  6. That moment when your teacher talks for the first ten minutes of class giving you plenty of time to cram
  7. That moment when you look at the first two questions and you have no idea what the answer is
  8. Static
  9. That moment when you read through the test, you find a good amount of answers to questions that you totally would have guessed on otherwise.
  10. That moment when you finish the test and you might have passed
    "Nailed it, almost nailed it, well, definitely didn't blow it" -psych