Context: I'm a hostess at a restaurant.
  1. Taking the same sweet elderly lady to her favorite section of the restaurant and having her tell me how much she like coming here and how she loves all of us workers
    She's one of very few regulars who come in at least 3 times a week. At least one of the servers will sit with her for a little bit and talk to her while she eats her meal.
  2. The occasional moments during the shifts where the hostess stand becomes the place where all the servers socialize before checking back with their tables
  3. That one time when one of the servers told me that if he ever comes across sounding rude to me, that I should tell him to shut up. Then he made me practice telling him to shut up
    Context: this server sometimes would come across really condescending to us hostesses, but then I learned that he's really nice at heart, he genuinely doesn't realize that he's being hurtful
  4. When people tell me I have a beautiful smile.
    I really appreciate this, because I do not like my smile. I smile very big, which make my eyes squint really bad and gives me old lady dimples under my eyes.
  6. Is when I tell people to enjoy their meal and they instinctively reply, "You too." And then they look all flustered and embarrassed
    So for everyone out their who has embarrassed themselves by doing that, don't worry, it happens way more than you'd think. So don't feel bad, because you probably brightened that person's day.