His name is Louie and he's an actual angel sent down from heaven to grace you with his good looks 🙌🏼
  1. Summah-time
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  2. Lovin' his car rides
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  3. Same car ride but this pic had to be included
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  4. Ideal day spent with chips, Netflix, and snuggles
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  5. Browns shirt, mid- yawn
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  6. Low-quality pic, high-quality pup
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  7. He's honestly the best snuggler in the world
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  8. Finally got a (horrible) haircut!!
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    Including his not-so-subtle begging by jumping on to the table
  9. Bonus!!! Feat. Cobi
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    Cute pic i snapped when he was playing in the backyard with my dad's dog, Cobi
  10. Taken after this list was published but too cute to not be added
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