I've had a lot of free time in the past year, and for some reason I've mostly chose to spend it researching conspiracy theories on the internet.
  1. Any thing Kubrick.
    I could go on forever. I love love love Kubrick theories. The absolute best fact is that he mysteriously died 666 days before 2001. Too good.
  2. Illuminati
    As you can probably guess from number one, the illuminati highly intrigues me. Such intricate theories all over. I especially enjoy the theory that the illuminati simply fabricated all other conspiracy theories in the world to throw people off the path to the truth.👁
  3. Denver Airport
    These theories are WILD. I've spent hours of my life reading conspiracies about the Denver airport. The best part is that the theories often contradict each other and have very fragile grounds.
  4. JFK Assassination
    By far the most interesting to read about. The actual footage is disturbing enough as is.
  5. Area 51
    A classic.
  6. Moon landing
    A slight branch off of Kubrick. Highly debated, and very funny to act very passionate about.
  7. Matthew McConaughey
    Okay this is just something that my friend thought up, but Matthew McConaughey sold his soul. There was a strange streak in his highly successful film career where he only did romantic comedies, but he had the look of death in his eyes, seemingly crying for help. Also his name is impossible to spell. These things just don't add up.