1. When I was 6 and I had a huge meltdown about wearing a dress. I had never given it much thought, but at that moment I decided I hated dresses.
  2. In 6th grade when I publicly wore a skirt to my first school dance. My closest friends refused to go to the dance and I felt brave for going anyway.
  3. In 7th grade when I cut a huge chunk of hair off the front of my head and gave myself side bangs. My mom was out of town for the weekend and I felt this was my moment to escape middle part purgatory.
  4. On my first day of high school when I wore new flats, then got off on the wrong bus stop and had to walk 1 mile to get home. Terrible terrible blisters.
  5. Senior year of high school when I told myself I wasn't allowed to wear sweatpants/pajama pants to school anymore.
  6. Buying white tennis shoes at the Urban Outfitters sidewalk sale for $10. I felt so cool wearing them and I cleaned them with a toothbrush everyday.
  7. Moved to LA, haven't worn anything but high-waisted shorts and buttoned collars.