1. Coach Kevin
    Tennis coach from ages 8-16. Respected his authority so much I only said "no" once and that's because I was being a brat. Favorite phrases "BRIDGET, MOVE YOUR FEET" and "ARE YA KIDDING ME" The second one has become my go-to as a tennis instructor myself. Slightly bitter that he never came to a match my senior year though...
  2. Wally and Claire
    Best friends of Grammy and Grampy. Wally was hilarious and Claire is one of the kindest people I know, always sends a card for milestones and birthdays.
  3. Miss Williams
    Worked with Dad at the high school. Always came to Patrick and my sporting events. Wanted us to start calling her Nancy after we graduated high school but that's never gonna happen. My earliest example of not needing to get married to be an awesome person.
  4. Bernie and June, Al and Judy, Mr & Mrs Meidell
    The boys worked alongside Dad during the glory years. Some of his very best friends and always spoiled Patrick and I since their kids were old enough to babysit us. Like bonus uncles and aunts.
  5. Mrs O
    Mum's friend from college whom she reunited with at Patrick's (and Anthony's) kindergarten orientation. Used to watch me when Mum was at work and made drawing for me and Bella to color in. Gives the best hugs.
  6. Father Marc
    The best priest I've had. During Caroline's baptism he held her up like Simba and it was the most beautiful thing.
  7. Laurie
    My hairdresser and the only person I trust with my hair (which is more valuable than my life). One time she gave me a lime green comb and hand lotion and a map of the Mall of America.