Personally, I like plain old Bridget
  1. Bridg(e)
    Mostly close friends or family. Toward the end of high school people I was only really acquaintances with started using it which I didn't know how to feel about.
  2. Bridgey
    Family. Parents, Uncle John, Aunt Jamie and Uncle Gerald and lil cousins.
  3. Red
    Dad mostly. Also Uncle Jay used it the other day. Sometimes people I'm not related to use it and once again, not sure how I feel about it.
  4. Curly
    Grammy on random, yet numerous occasions.
  5. Bridgemeister
    Dad also. Comes from either the Goofy movie or an episode of the show with him and Max. There was a one-off character named ___meister and somehow I got a new nickname.
  6. Ging
    Sophomore year of high school. What an odd time that was. 2010 was the height of ginger jokes apparently.
  7. B
    @nutellakell and Rachel. Mostly in texts but once I told Rachel that she and Kelly are the only people who have ever called me that and now she uses it a lot in real life.
  8. Miss Bridget
    Mum. I love this one. Random but frequent. Makes me feel fancy and like a little kid all at once.