1. Getting into freshly cleaned sheets after taking a long shower.
  2. When you start getting sleepy after spending a full day at the beach.
    After you've taken an outdoor shower and ate a big dinner and took a long walk on the sand and now you're just hanging out and so happy that you start getting sleepy cos life is so perfect at that exact moment.
  3. When you come inside after shoveling the front steps and you strip off all your wet layers and your cheeks get all sting-y and Mum is making a huge pot of hot chocolate.
  4. Dropping all your bags on the kitchen floor after a long car ride home.
  5. A hug that you actually want to participate in.
  6. Seeing someone for the first time after being separated for not even that long but you're both so excited to be back together again.
  7. Getting emotional watching a movie / TV show that at one point was your entire life and you feel like you've gone back in time.
  8. Laughing 'til you cry AND your stomach hurts AND you think you might pee.
  9. Being in the middle of a good book and realizing how good it is.
  10. Those fleeting moments when you feel 100% content with everything.
    And you just wanna pull a Cam Jansen, close your eyes and say "click", and remember it forever.