1. Bob Bryan tweeted me
    "Thanks for the support, Bridget!" Australian Open, 2011
  2. @bjnovak favorited a tweet
    Just the other day about this very app on which I am putting him on one of my lists
  3. TUMS has tweeted me...twice!
    Yes, the antacid
  4. Susie from The Challenge favorited a tweet
    That included me declaring my love for Evan so I like to think that she told him about me
  5. Jones Soda favorited when I called their soda "the 💣"
  6. Devyn from The Challenge favorited a tweet
    Not really a big moment for me, but it does make me fewer degrees of separation from cast members that I actually care a lot about.
  7. CHVRCHES favorited one tweet about their new album
    But not a second one which kinda bummed me out. Like I thought we were good friends at this point?