Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a lecture given by Rosenblat, who is the funny Jewish grandmother I wish I had.
  1. "Hi, people I never met before! Does anyone want to selfie before the lecture? I'm on a tight schedule and don't want anyone complaining when I leave."
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  2. "Look! A program! I look so different with hair! Feel my hair!"
  3. "You want to know how I got the part on 'Orange'? TALENT. What kind of dumb question is that!!"
  4. *Rosenblat announces she will begin a reading and grabs a bottle of water* "But foist, a slurp."
  5. "I'm a schvitzer."
  6. "You have to be versatile in this industry or else you'll starve to death, and do I look starved to you?" *turns around and shakes her butt for the audience.*