Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

Probably the best way to describe myself
  1. That time I found myself in somebody else's bumble profile pic
    Gotta say it was rather surprising to be swiping along and then see myself. Gotta give him credit, we did look good at our buddy's birthday dinner. (Yes I added the disguises)
  2. That time I thought my best friend fell in the river
    My best friends from college and I have the Find My Friends app. (It's a lot easier to find your drunk friends this way) You'd think I would have called Cristina to ask if she fell in the Hudson... Nope called another friend instead to tell her I thought Cristina fell in the Hudson. Cristina did not in fact fall in the Hudson.
  3. That time I accidentally went off roading.
    Old Woman Road is a road in the Yucca Valley that I drove on for about 11 miles. Then I made a left turn into a questionable dirt road that ended up being in a coyote reserve. Made it to Big Bear eventually.
  4. When my friend was going through our 6th grade year book
    I really just want to point out that the genius moms who put together the 6th grade year book couldn't fit a photo of 5 awkward 13 year old girls on the same page. Solution? Cut and paste my head on top of the group.
  5. My best friend loves bears
    So I send her stuff I see about bears. She is also one of the delightful awkward 6th graders in the previous photo.