Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

  1. Up seriously broke my heart, but my goodness it makes me so happy.
  2. "A lady went to a pet shop to get a bird. She wanted the bird to talk. He talked, but he didn't say the right thing." One of my second graders did this last year in AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps is seriously one of the best things I have done, so I like seeing photos from it.
  3. Again, another AmeriCorps picture. I had this class the whole first semester, but I had to change classes. After I changed, the teacher sent a student to come and get me from the other class. When I walked in, all of the students were seated and smiling at me. The teacher got me a sweet gift, and so I cried and then they all gave me a group hug.
  4. I hate that it made me crop this photo. But last Christmas break, I got to take a vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado AND THAT TRIP WAS SERIOUSLY THE GREATEST EVER AND I MISS IT SO MUCH.
  5. During the summer, two of the members from our "squad" at work, left. So before they left, we all had a dinner date at work for our last little hoorah. It was a great time and I honestly love them so much.
  6. When my best guy friend forced me to meet his girlfriend, but this is still one of the sweetest things he has told me. We used to be a lot closer. I don't even think we are best friends anymore but I don't know.
  7. 🤓