Things that run around my head and drive up my anxiety but that are really awesome things to be able to stress about
  1. Where the heck is my prom dress
    It was supposed to arrive this past Thursday and it's not here yet. Proms in a week and I'm definitely not freaking out. Grateful to have it because it means I'm going to prom? The pinnacle of high school experiences.
  2. Making friends @ UChicago
    Starting school at one of the best universities in the world this fall. Fear: no one will like me and I'll inevitably fall into a hermit-like isolation. Grateful because I'll be among like-minded, driven individuals studying things that interest me.
  3. Grades
    Recently diagnosed with senioritis and it's been an uphill battle since. It's a tricky balance between 🐻minimum and maintaining my flawless reputation. Grateful for having my public education come to such a calm finale.