🏀🏈🏆🙌🏼❤️ (why is there no cheerleading emoji, SO HELP ME, I will not use the flippy hair girl)
  1. So today I've watched a lot of TV. Hours of One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights.
    Don't judge me, there was a LOT of laundry to wash/hang/fold.
  2. Now I thoroughly love these shows. Other than this one thing-- this one thing bugs me.
  3. Can we talk about how the cheerleading squad always holds practice in proximity of the basketball team or the football team?
  4. Was this done at anyone else's high school? 'Cause it sure wasn't at mine.
  5. We never had cheerleading practice near the guys' teams. Heck, half the time they weren't allowed to talk to us on the bus to/from the games (or we had a separate bus).
  6. And-- no, no one is responsible for anyone else's thoughts or behaviors.
  7. But does anyone think Lucas was at his best at practice with this going on nearby?
  8. Do you think Lila Garrity is focused on keeping her motions sharp and learning her cheers if she's practicing in view of this face?
    Oh good Lord, Tim Riggins.
  9. ANYONE ELSE? Can anyone else comment on this?
  10. #throwback