Yeah I know I'm behind, whatwever
  1. Look, so if you've been paying attention at all, you know I'm kind of a prude.
  2. Super risqué dancing generally makes me sort of uncomfortable.
  3. I even feel a little weird in my *~zumba*~ classes (aka, a safe space for the awkwardest of the awk)
  4. But I love this video for exactly the same reasons I love my basically-all-girl dance classes: because, by and large, they're for women and about women and men are *more* than welcome to come, but amigo, you aren't the target demographic here.
    Because don't get me STARTED on being female and trying to create space for yourself in a friggin weight room.
  5. Anyway, the point is: Nothing about this video is about a dude.
  6. I mean yes, ok, the dancing is sexy.
  7. Technically JB's voice is involved. So, dude.
    I know he's going through kind of a phase [that has lasted 5 or so years] but I like his stuff.
  8. But everything else-- this is a video of girls. For girls.
    Would not file that under "guy hot." (Not the one I'm married to or any of the ones I've dated, anyway. Entirely possible we are just boring.)
  10. Look how much FUN they're (acting like they're) having!!
    No snark intended with the "acting" comment, btw. They're performers. I bet they were having actual fun too, though.
  11. Anyway, I don't really know where I was going with this. Maybe 80 million ppl have already made this observation in thinkpieces online. I just really love that a great pop song finally got a video of cool girls dancing exceptionally well--and not oiled up in bikinis and crawling over a car or some dude's lap. I feel like this one was for us.
  12. Love ya ladies. 💖😘