this feels incredibly self-indulgent
  1. College Anna
  2. Actual: Uma Thurman
    This one really threw me, but my favorite high school teacher said it, so.
  3. Actual: Heidi Montag (pre-surgery)
    I didn't watch Laguna Beach or The Hills or anything in hs, so this had to be explained to me.
  4. Actual: Alicia Silverstone
    I got this one a lot in college early on. To be clear, I think it's largely bc Georgia Tech was only 30% female at the time.
  5. Actual: Anne Hathaway
    Got this one a fair amount in college as my hair got longer/darker.
  6. Grownup Anna no bangs
  7. Actual: Cote de Pablo
    My dad thinks I look like Ziva.
  8. Actual: Leighton Meester
    The v kind violinist made the comparison one night at my birthday dinner the day I turned 23 (I think?).
  9. Actual: Natalie Portman
    Possibly the most flattering comparison of all time, made by a lady at church. I had to work with her to Natalie Portman from Naomi Porter though.
  10. Grownup Anna yes bangs
  11. Actual: Zooey Deschanel
    Bangs and blue eyes. And pale. That's it.
  12. Hoped-for: Jennifer Garner
    I think she's the most beautiful. I love her. I know I'm basically just listing celebs with pale skin and dark hair at this point buuut this is my list. So yeah.