Oh I feel so dumb even writing this but here goes
  1. So, I love changing my wardrobe as the weather changes.
  2. However, money.
  3. So a thing that I do pretty much year-round is just swap out how I pair monochrome/classic clothing items as the seasons change.
    I know everyone does this. Just...whatever, bear with me.
  4. Spring color combo #1: all primaries.
    Think navy and lemon yellow, navy and true red. Springy, nautical, clean, classic.
  5. Spring color combo #2: primaries and pastels.
    Navy and pale pink or mint, true yellow with mint or coral or lavender, true red with coral or soft blue. I specifically love to pair a bright pastel pattern (say, on a scarf) with a really simple navy stripe. This particular combo feels sweet and fresh and is basically my spring uniform.
  6. Spring color combo #3: drabs and pastels.
    Think: your olive green army jacket + mint, coral, light yellow, lavender. It works shockingly well and looks fresh but not silly/summery, especially on gross March days where you're like, Hey, yes, I think this is still spring but it's 42 degrees out? (Photo is not the best example ever, but that's the only one I could find easily.)
  7. Or, just wear whatever you want.