1. Mae
    I've lost count. I think I've seen them 6 times. They used to do acoustic shows afterward for $5 and once I wound up sitting right next to the band bc no one would sit down. Anyway, they're always incredible. I cried at the Everglow 10th anniversary tour kickoff last year.
  2. 5 Seconds of Summer
    Four times now, if you count Jingle Ball and them opening for One Direction. But the time I camped out outside the Fillmore for 12 hours and got to stand 20 feet from the stage in a smallish, sweaty room will forever be special to me. I had so much fun that night.
  3. Misterwives
    Twice. They are incredible live. The energy is just electric.
  4. Bleachers
    They opened with Wild Heart and closed with I Wanna Get Better. I've never done drugs but I can't imagine getting high could possibly be more fun than that night.
  5. Brooke Fraser
    She had food poisoning and she was still incredible. Her voice is stunning.
  6. Betty Who
    Fun fun fun. We saw her at Rock and Roll hotel. I asked the bartender for a menu that night and he just pushed his own plate at me and said I could have some of his fries bc the food was crappy. But when he asked me what music I wanted him to play I was so tongue-tied I could literally only think of Justin Bieber. He didn't play Bieber. Or talk to us after that. 👍🏻
  7. Ingrid Michaelson
    Again, I've lost count. Seen her somewhere between 3 and 7 times. She's astounding live. I usually cry. I always leave hoarse.
  8. Taylor Swift
    Just once. But it was a nearly religious experience. Explanation here: HOW MY PROFILE PIC CAME TO BE
  9. One Direction
    Twice. First time alone, second time with my adopted children. Both times the BEST TIME EVER. As a mid-quarter-life-crisis 27-year-old at a concert with mostly teens and kids there is something delightfully ~*middle finger emoji*~ about singing lyrics like I WON'T ACT MY AGE, WONT ACT MY AGE. also Niall Horan is the beautiful child of unicorns and leprechauns and I love his face.
  10. All Time Low
    {MAYBE ITS NOT MY WEEKEND BUT ITS GONNA BE MY YEAR} Also seen with my adopted children. man, I needed that night.
  11. All-American Rejects
    Lead singer wore tiny tiny pants.
  12. Delta Rae
    Seen three times. The vocals just get better. Cannot recommend highly enough. Americana sound, INCREDIBLE energy.
  13. Lights
    The coolest. She's like a musically gifted EDM wraith.
  14. Weepies
    Beautiful. They looked and sounded like a storybook.
  15. Jillette Johnson
    Incredible range. I made it real awkward when I met her after.
  16. Kina Grannis
    Beautiful sound. One of my favorite YouTubers. I also made it awkward when I met her.
  17. @john Mayer
    In college. I was broke but I wanted to go so badly. I sat on the lawn and sang for hours.
  18. Firekid
    Great show at Rock and Roll Hotel here in DC. It's bluegrass but it's also a bit synthy? If you haven't listened to him, do it, bc he's great.
  19. Marina and the Diamonds
    She is so cool. I'm obsessed.
  20. Icona Pop
    Opened for Marina and the Diamonds and for 1D a couple years later. I cannot express to you how differently those two openers went.
  21. Echosmith
    I felt old and also very very affectionate toward America's youth. Great show.
  22. Demi Lovato
    Twice. Once on her own, once at Jingle Ball. She sang Let it Go twice and I lost it both times. Also lost it when she sang anything else. She's astounding.
  23. 5th Harmony
    Opening for Demi.
  24. Little Mix
    Also opening for Demi. STUNNINGLY good. Solid vocals.
  25. Cody Simpson
    At this tiny, crappy venue in DC that I love, right after he dropped his label. I felt old as Methuselah. He sounded great though.
  26. Anberlin
    One of my first concerts at the Tabernacle in ATL. It was epic.
  27. Matt Wertz
    Twice. Once at a frat party, once on a date where I was real nervous. He's great live.
  28. Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker
    So good.
  29. Handsome Ghost
    I love them. Singing Blood Stutter live was perfect.
  30. Ella Henderson
    Okay technically I saw her at Hot 99.5. But she was amazing.