1. Yellow and orange starburst > red and pink starburst
    Yeah, I know, whatever.
  2. Daredevil > Jessica Jones
    JJ was cool but too explicit for me. I'm a prude. Sorry.
  3. Caramel and cinnamon > chocolate
  4. Cheesy Zumba classes > cross fit/running
  5. Beer > wine
    I ❤️ carbonation.
  6. Boyfriend jeans > skinnies
    I dunno, there's just something amazing ab being able to feel your legs while you wear clothes.
  7. Nighttime > daytime
    addendum: early evening > late night > late afternoon > early morning > late morning > early afternoon > midday (THE WORST TIME. I hate you, directly-overhead sun.) addendum: I am weird.
  8. ....to be updated.