According to @margaretyoko, it's National Puppy Day 🐶❤️😭
  1. Ok first of all this is my apartment. Not the whole ~400 square feet of it, but it's all just about this crowded.
  2. This is my hallway.
    It's 2 feet wide except where there are bikes in the way, at which point you have to turn into a puddle like Alex Mac and slurp past them.
  3. This is why I can't have a dog right now.
  4. Bc I apparently most love dogs initially bred to guard entire farms or flocks of sheep or rescue drowning people. Here are some of them.
  5. Newfoundland
    These are my favorites and I love them. They're like small bears. I chase them down any time I see them out in our neighborhood and it weirds their owners out.
  6. Bulldog
    I like wrinkly, fat animals.
  7. St. Bernard
  8. Shar Pei
    See "bulldog"
  9. Scottish terrier
    These are the only small dogs I like.
  10. This part-sea lion, part-dog that my husband gave me in my dream last night that (in my dream) someone stole from me. I woke up very sad.