1. Couch snuggle
  2. Text aggressively
  3. Take food without being invited
  4. Talk ab bodily functions
  5. Talk really seriously about religion/politics, and maybe even argue a little
    Distinctly not polite. But we don't mind.
  6. Lie on the floor or sit unconventionally on furniture
  7. Force books and music on you
  8. Talk extensively ab the future
  9. Talk ab personal doubts without worrying ab adding in charming, self-deprecating comments
    I don't fish for compliments. I flat-out ask for reassurance. But only if I know you really really well.
  10. Admit frankly that yes, my hair is dry shampooed within an inch of its life
  11. Basically: I have acquaintances and family. You can pick which one you want to be. #hufflepuffloyalty
  12. Edited, bc I thought of more things after last night:
  13. Give you unsolicited life advice bc I am 3 years married and clearly know everything
    I think this one is maybe less than charming
  14. You mention a crush via text, I instantly begin stalking them online and demand their surname if I can't guess it quickly