Part 2: Old cars/motorcycles, strong jawlines, chivalry, honor, etc etc etc
  1. Richard Campbell Gansey III
    "Boys like him didn't die; they got bronzed and installed outside public libraries." If you haven't read Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Cycle, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING? Cancel your plans and spend your weekend falling in love with this boy. And then text @nantea and me about it.
  2. Captain America
    Bravery, patriotism, chivalry, BEAUTIFUL blond hair.
  3. Julian Fineman
    One of my lesser-known book boyfriends. Lauren Oliver's Delirium trilogy has two genuinely swoony love interests, but I heart sweet Julian 4eva.
  4. Anyone played by Armie Hammer
    Look, I'm sure he's got his flaws. But whether as that guy in the man from UNCLE or those evil twins in The Social Network, I just can't distrust him. He's about seven feet tall with a smile fit for Colgate commercials.
  5. Jacob Black
    I love Twilight's Jacob Black endlessly. Answer me this: why would you pick a 100-year-old vampire over a guy about your age who adores you, looks after you without being possessive, does not play weird mind games, does not need you to change species, is permanently warm, has a tribe of cool werewolf brothers, is gorgeous, AND CAN FIX CARS? Also answer me this: okay, Taylor Lautner is beautiful. But couldn't we have gotten an actual Native American guy for this role?