There will be updates.
  1. Sam Seaborn.
    I will never not love the West Wing and its snappy dialogue and its (largely) politically moderate treatment of issues. And I will never not love Rob Lowe, whether as Sam, or as Billy in St. Elmo's Fire, or as the rich creep in Wayne's World. But I especially love him as Sam Seaborn, and especially in this sweater, blowing off his sailing weekend bc he wanted to help the White House with the case of a man who'd been sentenced to death.
  2. Stiles Stilinski.
    He is witty/sarcastic, he is analytical, and he is loyal to a fault. I actually didn't mind seeing him as a nogitsune in season 3(?) bc it just meant extra (and a different side of) Stiles. Dylan O'Brien is a fabulous actor, but Stiles is my forever crush.
  3. Jess Mariano.
    "I knew you were trouble when you walked in/so shame on me now" -- okay. OKAY. Jess Mariano. He's a sarcastic ingrate in seasons 2-3 when he is most attractive (season 6 hair = no), but he is also bookish and damaged and strangely drawn to Rory, all of which mean there's something good in there you just can't walk away from (this is why dating was so terrible for me. TG for my totally healthy, normal, kind, communicative husband).
  4. Colin Jost.
    Yes I know this is the name of an actor and not a character, but my crush is on Colin Jost, Weekend Update host personality, not Colin Jost, actual human whom I don't know.
  5. Chandler Bing.
    He's got a real job (which he hates), commitment issues, and a smart mouth, but he loves his friends dearly. Where do I sign up?
  6. Gilbert Blythe.
    Do I really need to explain this one? One word: carrots.
  7. Sherlock Holmes (BBC's latest version).
    Pale, nerdy, and emotionally unavailable? Perfect.
  8. ADDED: David Tennant as The Doctor.
    The best smile. AND FRECKLES! Allons-y!!!