Part 3
  1. Dean Winchester
    KRYPTONITE. gorgeous, goodhearted, loves his family, brave (uh hello demon hunter), great car (😍😍 the impala 😍😍), and also totally not looking to be tamed or tied down. and yet I would 1000% have shown up with a whip and a chair/ropes and WHY DOES ALL THAT SOUND SO INAPPROPRIATE, I'M JUST TRYING TO EXTEND THE TAMING/TYING DOWN ANALOGY
  2. Charlie Weasley
    I'm not sure if Charlie is ACTUAL trouble or would just have been trouble for ME. so much is attractive there: 1) rugged redhead 🦄, 2) works with dragons, 3) member of weasley family. I'm just positive though that he's one of those handsome, outdoorsy, emotionally distant types (aka kryptonite).
  3. Finn
    again, he's not really TROUBLE, like a bad guy, but he's definitely got baggage. AND YET! he's handsome and charming and so eager to impress Rey that I'm just totally done for.
  4. Logan Huntzberger
    He was a risky boyfriend. Riskier than Jess? I dunno. I mean Logan was never gonna punch anybody and start a fight that trashes a house. But I think with Logan Rory risked losing herself. THAT SAID: Ace is an amazing nickname and their relationship was THE MOST fun #youjumpijumpjack
  5. Howl Jenkins (moved from part 1, the pale and nerdy edition, FICTIONAL CHARACTERS I HAVE BEEN IN LOVE WITH: THE PALE AND NERDY EDITION (UPDATED))
    From Howl's Moving Castle (book not movie). Oh, how I love a roguish, kindhearted, slithery-outy, occasionally drunk former rugby-playing Welshman.
  6. Han Solo
    needs no explanation. "WHO's scruffy-lookin?"