1. Yvaine's not-a-bathrobe
    If you have not seen Stardust, PAUSE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW. We will talk later when you've seen it.
  2. Anastasia's dress for the ballet
    Complete with weirdly amazingly glittery jewelry
  3. Andi's Runway party evening dress
    Andi, you look so chic!
  4. Cinderella's gown
  5. Cinderella's gown
    Gorgeous and I loved her
  6. Cinderella's gown
    The original
  7. Cinderella's gown
    Always. Always my favorite.
  8. Elsa's dress
    Because as cool as fairy godmothers are sometimes a GIRL NEEDS TO DRESS HERSELF, ya feel me?
  9. Marianne Dashwood's ball outfits
    I don't care if they were country fashions they were perfect
  10. Holly Golightly's LBD
    A croissant with gloves on? Yes ok fine
  11. Bianca Stratford's prom 2-piece
    Obviously the inspiration for Taylor Swift's Grammy ensemble
  12. Lizzie McGuire's not-a-dress
    It turns into like a pantsuit? whatever still cool
  13. Lizzie McGuire's wedding/prom dress
    Bonus points to Sam for wearing pink Converse with her dress bc that look will never get old, IMO. However can we all agree that wearing a wedding dress to homecoming might potentially scare ya date, just a little?
  14. All of Elizabeth Bennett's outfits
    #shabbychic #longlive2006
  15. Josie's prom outfit from Never Been Kissed
    I'm not Josie Grossie anymore! We're Orlando and Rosalind from As You Like It.