1. Popcorn in the bathtub
    Fun fact: if you put popcorn in a light aluminum bowl, you can float it on the water!
  2. That thing when you bite into pretty much all the chocolates in the chocolate box to decide if you like them bc they're ALL YOURS
    Favorites: coconut, caramel, toffee, "fruit and caramel," the weird fruit cream flavors, anything fudgy or truffle-y. Not favorites: solid chocolate, turtles, nut clusters.
  3. Dry shampoo
    I am lazy and hate washing and drying my hair. I'll put it off as long as I can get away with it.
  4. Staying up extra late to finish a book
    The benefit of working from home/a super flexible schedule.
  5. America's Next Top Model marathons
    The least productive use of time, ever. But I love it.
  6. Manicures
    Way too much money to have your cuticles trimmed and a paint change but danged if they're not relaxing
  7. Falling asleep with my audiobook playing
    This is easier having discovered the sleep timer.