apart from the garbage fire that is our national political stage, I've had a pretty good year so far.
  1. a lot of walkery/talkery/hikery has happened.
    I think this was New Year's Day?
  2. I actually made it to a super bowl party. for the first time in....maybe ever? historically I accept invites and then bail on them bc 1 introvert 2 anxiety attacks but NOT THIS YEAR, my friend.
    (this year, I mostly sneakily read a book while everyone watched football. BUT I WAS THERE.)
  3. I've made some super fun displays for the bookstore where I work.
    galentines day tower ftw
  4. my favorite YA writer announced a new book and a writers' workshop.
  5. my favorite band announced a tour...
  6. ...and released a new song!
    It is beautiful and you should listen to it.
  7. and I dragged wade to a party where he had the best time ever. Just look how happy he is.
    the party ended up in the VIP section at a club. my friends got bottle service. i drank a bottled Starbucks vanilla frappuccino out of a fun straw. I call the night a win.