1. My friend made birthday cinnamon rolls instead of a birthday cake
    From scratch. She is talented.
  2. 5 of us snuggled into the Hyundai to ride an hour and a half to Kings Dominion
    One of our passengers is unusually petite but all three of the guys are north of 6' tall and one is ~6'6". So, this was an act of love.
  3. My husband doesn't even ride roller coasters. But he played dad and held our stuff and rode some easy stuff with me.
    Act. Of. Love.
  4. It rained and was gray all day. But at least it was nice and cool!
  5. I think all of us had an "oh holy crap what have I done being this high defies all evolved human instinct" moment.
  6. On one ascent I found myself babbling EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY FINE over and over. On another I decided to start asking about the etymology of my friends' surnames bc apparently that's where my brain goes when I get nervous.
  7. I think the guys had the hardest time with the teacup ride. Spinning was oddly hard for them.
    No one yakked. We would've felt bad if our late-twenties selves had gotten the kiddie ride closed.
  8. I ache all over today, I'm dehydrated. But it was a wonderful day.
    Parties are overrated. Roller coasters are priceless.