1. I dreamed that I was auditioning for SNL
  2. I am not funny. I'm entertaining when flustered, which is often, but not funny. Why was I there?? I don't understand.
  3. Colin Jost was there and told me that he HATED auditions here in DC, that the city's sense of humor was weird
    (he was apparently auditioning? and even though it was SNL it was in DC? I dunno)
  4. He was flirting with everyone, it was a sight to see
  5. So I was supposed to do a monologue (I don't think that's how this works but whatever, Dream SNL) and I had not prepared for it at all
  6. This was very strange, I prepare for everything, always. OVER-prepare.
  7. Then I went to a table read (again, I don't think this is how this works)
  8. And it was terrible
  9. My lines were handwritten on index cards
  10. I couldn't read the handwriting
  11. And apparently I was also distracted bc I was listening to an audiobook???
  12. It was terrible. I suddenly was the world's worst reader.
  13. I woke up and as I was realizing I was waking up, it was SO TERRIBLE I was like YES, YES WAKE ME UP AND END THIS IGNOMINY (quite unusual, ordinarily I'm more a "NOOOOO, 5 more minutes" kinda gal)
  14. Anyway. I have lots of dreams but this was one of the funnier/more awkward ones. Dreadful.