1. This may not be quite the strange habit I think it is, but I always feel weird admitting it.
  2. "Oh, I can't wait to read that novel/series!" I'll say.
  3. And then I'll pick up some books, and that novel/series is not among them, and ppl are like ????
  4. And I'm like, I know, I KNOW....but it's June.
  5. And they're like, pardon?
  6. And then I have to explain myself.
  7. For whatever reason, I read seasonally. Certain elements or genres just feel weird to me at certaim times of year.
  8. Summer:
    I do my lightest reading in summer. Sometimes a fantasy novel gets in there-- but mostly it's Sophie Kinsella et al. and romantic contemp YA. Occasionally I'll read something literary-- but something v of-the-moment, not a classic. I can sometimes manage dystopian in the summer, or even fantasy-- IF it's set in the South. And last summer featured the Veronica Mars novels. This is an absurd stack I picked up in early August for all our end-of-the-summer traveling.
  9. Elements I love in a summer read: humor, self-consciousness/-awareness, love/dating as the novel's exclusive subject, road trips, summer jobs, pop stars and movie stars, high school and esp summer between semesters, the South, the beach, crime-solving
    Judge me if you must.
  10. Fall:
    Fall is my favorite time of year bc I am a cliche white girl, but also bc I believe in magic. Look, I don't know why, but I just can't read Harry Potter when it's 87 degrees by the pool and I'm sweating mascara and sunscreen into my eyes. But come fall, I re-listen to HP and Narnia and all my favorite fantasy novels on audio and pick up new ones to read. This is the stack of books I got for this fall.
  11. Elements I love in a fall read: cool-weather climates (esp English settings), romance (hard-won stuff, NEVER the campy or shruggy-realistic stuff of summer), seriousness to the point of being painfully earnest, fresh adventures, plots that build toward real goals. Should pair well with pumpkin everything. #sorrynotsorry
  12. Winter:
    Rules for winter reading are largely the same as for fall: fantasy is the name of the game, preferably in chilly climates. (Again, WHY WOULD I READ ABOUT SNOW IN THE SUMMER? I don't, it would feel weird.) But winter tends to see higher fantasy, fantasy based on fairy tales (although tbh that's all the time for me), and a few darker or more intense reads. I also try to fit in one serious literary work. This was my December stack.
  13. Elements I love in a winter read: more myth than magic, cold-weather climates (esp Russia, of late?), stories that are thoughtful more than adventurous, bleak settings, mega-cozy settings, Christmassy stories, intense reads. Should pair well with mac and cheese.
  14. Spring:
    Spring tends to feature my most eclectic stacks of literature. The only thing consistent is that come March/April, I've been reading almost exclusively cozy or dark fantasy for 5-6 months. Soooo, sometimes my brain says "more fantasy, please!" But mostly it's like, ok, we've been snuggled up for 6 months, you're smothering me, quit manufacturing coziness, let's take off the blankets. It may then ask for sci-fi, dystopian, or other literary, less easily categorized stuff.
  15. Elements I love in a spring read: sciencey post-apocalyptic survival/dystopian settings, lady-type memoirs, quirky/thinky British picaresques, super old serious literary work. Yeah, whatever, I started the Faerie Queene last spring.
  16. Anyway. This isn't a rigid system, for many reasons.
  17. One: it takes me way longer to read 12 books than I assume it will.
  18. Two: If I start a series I love, I'm not inclined to quit reading it.
  19. Three: A lot of books are genre crossovers or contain elements that span seasonal associations for me.
  20. Four: I also really really just like fantasy. So sometimes I push past my own discomfort.
    See: The Raven Cycle, Maggie Stiefvater.
  21. But the truth is, this association-thing is strong enough in my mind that I start to think things like "oh man, I don't wanna wait till 2017 to read that. But it's supposedly such an amazing fantasy novel. I can't waste it on APRIL."
    This sounds insane, but feels entirely reasonable to me.
  22. Anyone else? Is this just me?