1. I sorted through ideas for this list request for several days.
  2. It's not that I don't have wonderful childhood memories-- I do. It's just that I don't know if they translate well outside my memory.
  3. Because how do you explain to other people how much you loved sitting in the tiny hole between your wall and the bed to read The Wind in the Willows?
  4. Would it make any sense to try and explain sticky Saturday afternoons outside, miserable over the tiny bit of yard work my dad assigned me, and how much I loved the evenings we all always spent together afterwards? My mom and dad would make steak and baked potatoes and we would have ice cream and watch Lois and Clark or Star Wars or Indiana Jones.
  5. School is funny to explain, too. I never felt like I fit in, but I have so many good memories-- most of them a little sad but funny and sweet-- a little outside the cool circle, but feeling like my real friends understood me.
  6. I don't know. I guess if I had to pick one, i'd pick this memory of being at my grandparents' house when I was about 13.
  7. We had already moved away from Texas but we were back visiting at Christmas, and all my mom's siblings were there.
  8. She's one of five, and everyone had kids at that point.
  9. There were A LOT of people in this apartment.
  10. My cousins RJ and David and my brother were throwing toy cars down the stairs.
  11. I think my dad and my uncles were watching sports.
  12. Papa was sneaking my cousin Mason yet another cookie.
  13. And I was wedged on the sofa between my mom and my aunt Yaya and aunt Tracy and aunt Alva and my Mamaw.
    Her name isn't really Yaya, it's Paula. There may have been two couches instead of just one.
  14. Yaya had just had my cousin Luke a few months before and my mom kept stealing him from her and from Aunt Tracy. They called her the baby hog.
  15. And I remember being totally overwhelmed by all the noise and all the people. I'm telling you, there were probably 20+ people in this apartment, most of them screaming boy children.
  16. But I remember sitting there thinking, this is special. This is special. I love my family.
  17. I don't even remember what else happened outside that moment. Probably someone picked a fight with someone else or one of the adults made the boys stop throwing Hot Wheels down the stairs.
  18. But Papa has been gone now for about seven years, and I think Luke must be twelve by now, and things are so much more complicated than I ever remember them being.
  19. And I think I'd like to just go back to that Christmas when I was a kid and we were all together, and if things were messy or hard, I was safe and protected enough not to know any better. ❤️
  20. Thanks for the request, @BWN_7!