I really wanted to make a joke about church camp/Vacation Bible School songs here but it's late and I can't think of one.
  1. I'm always a little shy bringing up my beliefs in settings where I'm not sure how they'll be received, but I wanted to share these anyway-- they're some of my favorite encouraging/meditative songs.
  2. And if ya won't come for the lyrics, consider coming for the music! These are all beautifully composed.
  3. Audrey Assad, For Love of You
    It's Your sacred heart within me beating/Your voice within me singing out/for love of You/all for love of You
  4. Be Thou My Vision
    We sang this one in my wedding. Old words that never get old.
  5. Kirk Franklin, Imagine Me
    This song is one of my favorites when I'm feeling really panicky and anxious and wrapped around the axle. It's about freedom from anxiety and fear and opinions and it's got a really soulful, calming feel to it.
  6. Christy Nockels, You Are Able
    Another one about fear and keeping your eyes where they're supposed to be, and not on your circumstances. Also, super super upbeat.
  7. Phil Wickham, Cannons
    This song sounds like a Psalm. It's really adoring lyrics set to the most gorgeous music, and Phil Wickham has such a beautiful voice.
  8. Starfield, Reign in Us
    All about surrender. It fits squarely into the "contemplative verses, power chorus" category of Jesus music, buuuuut that's ok bc it's awesome.
  9. Eddie Kirkland, Bless Your Name
    Another power track. Fun fact: my friend's brother wrote this one. I think it's awesome.
  10. Townend and Getty, In Christ Alone
    It baffles me that this song is 15 years old. It feels like it's 150. I think I like it partly bc it has an Irish melody, but the lyrics alone are enough to make be cry like a baby. (Hey, Adam Young-- aka the guy in Owl City-- said the same thing.) The line "No guilt in life, no fear in death: this is the power of Christ in me" is enough to make me feel like I can breathe on even my very worst anxious/guilty days.
  11. Meredith Andrews, Only to Be Yours
    This is one of those songs about focus and what really matters. It's very good for getting my heart in the right place.
  12. Sovereign Grace Music, His Forever
    Another song from my wedding. Three of my best friends sang it a capella in three-part harmony and it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever heard. This is a song about a God who will not abandon you or let you go.
  13. Leigh Nash, Blessed Redeemer
    That's right, Leigh Nash from Sixpence None the Richer. This song is lovely.