no idea how well all these ideas line up, especially since a lot of them are just food I want to eat together?
  1. Doughnut date for breakfast. Books optional.
    He doesn't love to read while he eats like I do.
  2. the zoo bc he keeps talking about wanting to go while the pandas are babies
    The fact that my husband has brought up baby pandas no fewer than 5 times in a month is one of the many reasons I'd marry him again, given the chance.
  3. Cubans from our favorite hole-in-the-wall sandwich place
    Yeah, we fancy.
  4. Long walk through Georgetown to that dessert place for churros and chocolate
    Look I told you this list was mostly food
  5. Museum?
    DC has approximately 5729 of these and I think the Renwick Gallery just (re)opened?
  6. Movies?
    I don't even know what's playing, but I love seeing movies with him and then talking about them on the walk home.
  7. Gift ideas: Top Golf gift card?
    To be continued.