1. I will literally cross the street to avoid being accosted by a person on the street looking for donations. Bc if they stop me, I am incapable of being rude/short.
  2. I am v word sensitive. I legitimately felt uncomfortable with the idea of buying an eyeliner in a color called "roach" even though I liked the color.
  3. I often get very, very nervous in crowds. If I'm alone, I have to focus really hard on whatever I'm listening to. Or just move somewhere less crowded. Concerts are my favorite thing but they can be a BEAST for this reason.
    This will be a whole list later but-- concerts are my favorite thing. Ppl are watching the band (or their phones) and it's dark so for a brief hour I feel totally liberated and, for once, not self-conscious.
  4. I have a hard time stopping a process once I've started, even if it's something entirely recreational and I'm not enjoying it. I feel COMPELLED to finish that book or tv series I started, whether or not I like it......we're working on this one.
  5. I am somewhat terrible on the phone and, at parties, routinely have to take breaks by pretending to need to pee, check my phone, get food, etc.
  6. If a place is within 2 miles of my apt and I have time and the weather's ok and I'm not, say, hauling library books, I will ask wade if we can walk instead of take the metro.
  7. Honorable mentions: wade is not allowed to put the groceries away bc he does it wrong, I read seasonally (see earlier list), I almost always order the exact same thing at any given restaurant, and I hate eggs and bananas.