Or: hello world, this is me. List app is now my personal confessional. I'm here to party.
  1. I've possibly put in fewer genuinely productive hours of work this week than I've had servings of ice cream.
    Who the hell decided ice cream should be served in half cups?
  2. I'm not even awake by now most days, and I've already had to log Saturday calories on my Fitbit dashboard.
  3. ........Fitbit.
  4. I'm currently staring at my floor and I actually can't remember the last time I vacuumed
  5. My husband is going to wake up in 2 hours. I will have been asleep for...2 hours. I am not pleasant when woken after insufficient sleep.
    In fact, this morning, I lovingly greeted him with "wow, you're not exactly QUIET," as I lay facedown in my pillow while he got ready for work.
  6. The book I am supposed to be reading for fun is not much fun (yet), so I'm not reading quickly.
    Fun should be regimented and efficient and impressive to talk about at parties. "Wow, you're so far into your 2016 reading list already! How do you do it?" And then you smile demurely. Except I CAN'T.
  7. I can't think of anything else at the moment. But just you wait, List app. I gotta lifetime of anxious overthinking to share with you. You're gonna love it.