Inspired by @meatballer's list...
  1. This is peak-era Amanda Bynes (y'all, I miss her 😞). And Sara Paxton is perfectly evil in this movie.
  2. The 2000s music is awesome (The Veronicas, Dashboard, Melee), as are the 2000s fashions (I am so here for movies ab girls who have to wear converses with their borrowed dresses).
  3. As @meatballer noted (Let's Talk About The Sydney White Hair Situation), the hair styling is vaguely dreadful. Ah well.
  4. The thing about this movie is that even though it's INCREDIBLY corny, and not *quite* as good as She's the Man or What a Girl Wants, it's still funny, 1) because there are some fab one-liners and 2) because Amanda Bynes is just funny in it.
  5. Watching it I realized how many of its lines have made their way into my vocabulary-- and I had forgotten how they got there!
  6. Examples:
  7. "And there is NOTHING more romantic than a 20-year plan. Am I right, ladies?"
  8. The villain is described as "some prissy girly-girl who doesn't even know who Gandalf is"
  9. "Oh, ya just grab a guy. HURRY UP GIRL, COME AWN!"
    Dinky is a fabulous character. I love her attitude toward the date dash. Fact: date dashes SUCK, especially when they happen the day after your boyfriend dumps you.
  10. "Do you think he has the Dr. Who theme song?"
    Asked by one of her 7 dorks while at a frat party. A gem of a line I only noticed today.
  11. "To be clear, I spend a NORMAL amount of time in the bathroom."
    She yammers at him and it is delightful
  13. "mmm, tempting! but I think we're going to stick with this plan."
    they propose going back to the Vortex to cosplay and stage an epic battle between fantasy figures instead of work out at the gym. Amanda Bynes: *eyes wide* [line]..... And this is now in regular rotation in my vocabulary. 👍🏻
  14. Lenny's hypochondria (muscular dystrophy? oh Len)
  15. "I have hated Rachel since she told me I have 'mom arms'"
    Just a great descriptor
  17. Other delightful things:
  18. The library serenade is perfect.
    On-campus Greek serenading is actually far more common than I expected entering college.
  19. The IT guy who hacks her computer gets paid in Hot Pockets
  20. The dancing montage (is it offensive? I dunno. The music is delightful)
  21. The marching band and the goth girls and the Jewish society all randomly deciding to throw a parade during the debate. And then everyone proceeds to talk about how they're a dork. My fave.
  22. I also love fact that the sorority girls turn out to be nice girls who were manipulated by a really mean leader
  23. #goodtimes