Inspired by...everyone.
  1. An Instagram post from @mindy that still makes me laugh
  2. My dream kitchen
    Note: I am an actual hobbit and a Molly Weasley devotee (GOALS: OR, THE KIND OF PERSON I WANT TO BE)
  3. That time I commented on Harper's Instagram post and got replies from Harper and the New York Public Library.
  4. Marie Lu's reading nook-- aka, life goals.
  5. An Instagram post from @NatGeo that made my heart thump 💓💫
  6. An Instagram post from Holland Roden feat. one of my favorite acting trios possibly ever
  7. The departures board at King's Cross Station on September 1
  8. That time @mindy favorited my tweet about The Mindy Project.
  9. Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer as "Sven Irwin" in a blond wig because why not
  10. Wonderwall is perfect and you cannot convince me otherwise.