Obviously I'm not dealing with faith, metaphysics, or mental health here, just feeling a little sappy.
  1. Dance and listen to music while you wash the dishes. Or do anything around your house, really.
  2. Eat reasonable amounts of good food and enjoy every bite.
  3. Talk to your grandma on the phone, if you're still lucky enough to have grandparents.
  4. Go where there are green things and walk around as often as you can. Wear sturdy shoes so you don't have to be precious about it.
  5. Be more careful with people than with stuff. Be kind. Make someone feel comfortable and better about themselves whenever it's in your power to do it.
  6. Read books and watch tv and listen to music that you enjoy and that stretch you. Forget what's impressive and forget what's popular.
  7. Appreciate your people. If you've got a good thing—friends, parents, sibs, an SO—don't let a day go by where you don't remind yourself how lucky you are to have that person.
  8. When you are happy, take the time to notice it. Seriously, this is the big one. Be grateful and aware when a shower feels awesome or it's beautiful outside or you're having a nice moment with your friends.
  9. Alright. Time to wash the dishes. Love y'all.❤️❤️❤️