a young woman's joirney
  1. This is what my hair looked like 2 summers ago.
    No bangs. No color. Yes flyaways. Yes tan. (I miss you, tan.)
  2. And then I cut it.
    Tbh: I might shoulda stopped here. This is my husband. We selfie together pretty well. And he doesn't mind his wife looking like a tool in pictures.
  3. And then the bangs. I began getting bangs every fall.
    My cabbie thought I was such a narcissist. This was prob take 67.
  4. OH, BANGS.
    They get thicker every time I go for a trim. "Maybe just a little heavier? Bring more in from the back or the sides or?????"
  5. and then the spring ends and the bangs get longer bc I won't wear them in the summer and I start parting them
    I can't do this anymore. They just don't lie right.
  6. summertime = goodbye bangs.
    Thank you, Lilly Pulitzer head wrap.
  7. and then, last summer, we started taking big steps.
    this was my pink-and-gold dye job. I cried after taking this selfie I was so freaked.
  8. MORE big steps.
    This was the ash-blonde-and-magenta dye job. I liked it better. Did not cry after this one. (Was feeling 22 at the moment, tbh. Sorry for the blatantly narcissistic display.)
  9. but then it faded. Things got real brassy.
    I wore a lot of hats.
  10. So.....I chopped it.
  11. And then September rolled around and we're still banging, 6 months into cool weather.
    tbh I miss my purple hair and also my long hair and also my solid brown hair.
  12. This has been an exercise in self-indulgence. Fin.